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Re: Bug#485562: twiki: configure script access badly protected

Quoting Olivier Berger (olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu):
> OK.
> I've done some more tests, and changed some bits again in the templates
> (and scripts), to adjust to latest maintainer's (and others') remarks,
> and hope to have something stable now to be able to provide a fix for
> this bug (and update of templates, including spanish new one), and which
> provides some transition path for upcoming new release 4.2 some time
> soon.
> I hope there won't be any more need to rework anything so that the fix
> is no further delayed ;-)

Two comments:

-a colon was missing at the end of "_Description: Apache user allowed
access to 'configure' script". I added it

- a weird br.po file is sitting in debian/po. It should be removed. It
is indeed a brazilian translation whlie really, the file should be
naed "pt_BR.po"

-all PO files were broken by the patch. So I picked up old files plus
the pending SPanish translation and added them

I took the liberty to add these changes and I'll post a call for

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