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Re: Bug#485562: twiki: configure script access badly protected

(dsebian-l10n-english CC'ed)

> I have put some more efforts in trying to propose a cleaner fix for that
> bug.
> You'll find the improved patch to be applied to the package's sources in
> attachment.
> Note that it now manages debconf better, asking password twice, and
> comparing inputs.
> There are template changes (btw, thanks bubulle for advices), that would

OK, as there are templates changes, this is a good occasion to review
the entire templates set for this package, as it doesn't follow the
usual recommended writing style very well.

Attached is the rewritten templates file.

We need a few days with dle contributors, to settle on this. Then I
suggest a 10 days translation update round, *then* I'll be able and
will accept to upload an NMU.

Template: twiki/defaultUrlHost
Type: string
Default: http://localhost/
_Description: Top-level URL of the server TWiki runs under:
 Please enter the URL for the web server's full
 name. It is used to construct URLs on some pages. The complete
 server's URL will include the string "twiki" added to this field.
 That URL is also needed by some redirections.

Template: twiki/wikiwebmaster
Type: string
Default: webmaster@localhost
_Description: Email address of the webmaster for this TWiki:
 Please enter the email address that will receive new user registration
 mail. That address will be listed in the "oops" page when an error

Template: twiki/samplefiles
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Install default wiki Topic Set on initial install?
 TWiki includes a complete "starter kit" which includes user
 registration pages, documentation, and tutorials.
 Only decline this optionif you're re-installing TWiki after deleting
 the package and want to keep the old data, or if you've got a TWiki
 data set from another install.
 If data/Main/WebHome.txt is present, the starter kit will not be
 unpacked.  The starter kit files can be found in
 /usr/share/twiki/twiki-data.tar.gz (and twiki-pub.tar.gz) if you
 want to install it manually or compare the topics with the new

Template: twiki/apacheUserCreationNote
Type: note
_Description: Admin User Registration configuration required
 After you have created yourself a user, edit the Main.TWikiAdminGroup
 to restrict Admin privileges to that user.

Template: twiki/configuser
Type: string
Default: configuser
_Description: User allowed to configure TWiki:
 Please enter the username allowed to access the configure script.
 This user will be the only one allowed to access the configure script at

Template: twiki/configpassword
Type: password
# Translators: do NOT translate "configuser"
_Description: ${configuser} password:
 Please enter the password for '${configuser}' which will be the
 only user allowed to access the configure script at

Template: twiki/configpassword_again
Type: password
_Description: ${configuser} password confirmation:
 Please re-enter the {configuser} user's password, for verification.

Template: twiki/password_mismatch
Type: error
_Description: Password mismatch
 The passwords you entered didn't match. You will have to enter them again.

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