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Re: [RFR] templates://auctex/{auctex/templates}

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I slightly reworked your proposal to fit some style recommendations
> (no sentence in synopsis, no double spaces, avoid "you"). That gives:
> Package: preview-latex-style
>  The purpose of the preview package is the extraction of selected

Since this is a Debian package description (explaining the purpose
of preview-latex-style*.deb) it needs to be clear that preview isn't
a package in that sense. 

   The purpose of the preview LaTeX package is the extraction of selected

(Prospective users can take it for granted that the purpose of
preview-latex-style*.deb is to provide preview...) 

>  Current uses of the package include the preview-latex package for
>  WYSIWYG functionality in the AUCTeX editing environment, generation of
>  previews in LyX, as part of the operation of the ps4pdf and pst-pdf
>  packages, the tbook XML system and some other tools.

Wait, is that saying "Current uses of the preview-latex-style Debian
package include the preview-latex LaTeX package (and some other
things)"?  What if anything is the difference between preview and

I'm not happy with the organisation of the list, but I can't fix
that until I work out how the packages fit together... 

It's clear enough that ps4pdf etc are LaTeX rather than Debian
packages, but looking up ps4pdf on CTAN I see it's deprecated in
favour of pst-pdf.  Any danger of text going out of date? 
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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