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Re: [RFR] templates://exim4/{exim4-base.templates,exim4-config.templates}

> Names of packagenames, including source packages, are always
> lowercase ("exim" or "exim4"), as are executables (usually).  When

I also capitalize them when they begin a sentence, at least in our
french translations. But that's highly debatable and I usually avoid
beginning a sentence with a command or package name to avoid that.

> we use uppercase for a name like "Exim", the way I understand it is
> that we're referring to "Exim the software project".  "Exim" may
> include any number of executables, in any number of packages; we
> capitalise it because upstream capitalise it (and they in this case
> choose to treat it as an ordinary proper noun). 

I entirely agree here.

> The tricky bit is: should we be talking about
> a) "Exim3 and Exim4"
> 	which doesn't accurately reflect upstream's usage
> b) "Exim (v3 and v4)"
> 	but unnumbered "Exim" might by default mean either Debian's
> 	source-package version exim_3.36-18.2 or upstream's current
> 	default "Exim", version 4.67...
> or of course
> c) something else?

I prefer b) despite the drawback you point out.

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