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Re: [RFR] templates://slim/{slim.templates}

> Also, looking at the archives now I'm not on a train, xdm seems to
> have gone straight from Intent To Review to Last Call For Comments
> in March 2007 - when was the Request For Review?

the templates trhat have been proofread are indeed kdm
templates...where the process has been followed.

Given that xdm templates are identical to kdm ones, only a LCFCmail
was used.

> Anyway, if a buggy template is uneditable, please don't send it for a
> review and waste my time.

Well, from the TAF mail:

"Please note that this is a shared template, so the review basically
should pick up the template and translations from xdm and use it in

...which is what I would have reeated after the ITR mail you shoul
dhave sent before the RFR..:-)

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