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Re: [ITR] templates://dtc-xen/templates

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I haven't checked closely but maybe dtc-xen templates are quite close
> to those from dtc which we reviewed recently.

Is this version of dtc-xen/templates still up for review?
According to http://changelogs.debian.net/dtc-xen this package has
changed its installation behaviour, so the conf_info_finish_setup
template shouldn't still claim that it monkeys around with
/etc/sudoers and /etc/sshd_config (which was bug #402438).

Meanwhile here are three l10n-english problems I hope the
replacement templates file can avoid:
 -- "VPS Server", ie Virtual Private Server Server
 -- using "network" to mean "network base IP address" - and likewise
	"broadcast (IP address)", "gateway (IP address)"
 -- "Physical console" used to mean a connection to a VM

It also seems to me that dtc-xen is useless without /usr/sbin/xm,
which means the lack of "Depends: xen-utils-common" is a bug.
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