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Re: [RFR] templates://dtc/dtc.templates

Quoting Thomas Goirand (thomas@goirand.fr):

> Yes, that's correct.
> Should I wait for a new .diff file before sending that one to my CVS repo?

I suggest you wait.

The review process is still going on. I have, a reviewer, to integrate
others' suggestions, then propose them summarized files which they'll
comment, and so on.

When everything seems to be settled, I'll send a Last Chance For
Comments mail.

Then 1 or 2 days after it, I'll send the reviewed file as a bug report
against the package.

From that moment, I recommend that *any* change to the file is
coordinated with me because immediately after this, I'll send a call
for translations, requesting that new/updated translations are sent to
the rewrite bug report (which then acts as a concentrator for all
translation updates).

Of course, before sending the call for translations, I'll grab the
translations you might have already received in the BTS.

This is indeed a lengthy process as you see..:-)

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