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[RFR2] po-debconf://grub2/en.po

> + Because of this, there is a risk of your system becomes unbootable: if
> + update-grub(8) is run before GRUB is updated, it will generate a grub.cfg
> + file that your installed GRUB won't yet be able to parse correctly. To
> + ensure the your system will be able to boot, you should:

The original version had an error here, which you seem to have
missed. I guess this should be "To ensure that your system"..."

>   .
> -  - Reinstall GRUB (typically, by running grub-install).
> +  - Reinstall GRUB to the boot sector (typically, by running grub-install).
>    - Rerun update-grub to generate a new grub.cfg.

I'm not entirely sure that GRUB can only be installed to the boot
sector so I would be careful about chaning the original wording here.

I'm also tempted to push a more neutral wording here and there: "the
system" instead of "your system". More generally speaking, but that's
indeed one of my favourite horses to ride: even though some think that
directly addressing users is "more friendly", I think that
professionnal writing involves being as neutral as possible.

I also would like to get comments about the use of "Debian". This,
which we call "branding" in D-I, makes the debconf templates inadapted
to derived distributions (and, no, not only Ubuntu....). 

I would actually suggest to remove this for a more neutral "used in
the distribution", or something similar.

I also have a doubt:

"there's a risk of your system becomes unbootable"

is that a correct syntax?

I would rather write "there's a risk of your system becomING
unbootable" but I'm not entirely sure that this is only because I'm a
french native speaker..:)


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