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Re: Review of install-menu manpage.

Bill Allombert wrote:

In addition to Dominic's suggestions:

> .TH  install-menu 1 "28 November 2005" "Debian Project" "Debian GNU/Linux manual"
> install-menu \- Used internally by the Debian menu system to generate
> the menu files for the various window managers  and other menu-aware

Strike "the" before "various."

> applications.
> When 
> .B update-menus(1)
> compute the list of menu entries and pass it to all the menu-methods in
> \fI/etc/menu-methods/\fP through standard input.

menu-methods -> menu methods (I don't see the need for hyphenation)

pass -> passes

> The task of the menu-methods is to generate menu files for the respective window-managers.

The menu methods' job is to generate menu files for their respective
window managers. (Definitely no hypen in window manager)

> .B install-menu
> is written to facilitate this task. For more information, see the menu
> documentation (see below).

Please don't do that. "See the menu documentation, which can be found at
/usr/share..." is fine; no reason to make the reader chase down a
reference so that he can chase down a reference!

> .IP "-v,--verbose" 
> Be verbose

Please eloborate here, or at least define verbose (like, for example,
cp's manpage does).

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