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please review manpage for mouseemu


For mouseemu, an application I'm packaging, I wrote the attached
manpage. Please review, all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks Gaudenz

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.TH MOUSEEMU 8 2005-02-10 
mouseemu \- Emulate mouse buttons and mouse wheel
.B mouseemu 
.RI [options]
Mouseemu is a daemon to emulate mouse buttons on trackpads with only 
one button. It lets you
  - emulate middle and right click
  - emulate mouse wheel
  - block trackpad while typing
It was initially developed for Apple Powerbooks, 
and iBooks but it can be usefull on other architectures
as well. 
This program only works when booting a Kernel 2.6 because
it uses the new uinput interface to emulate the mouse.
.B -middle B2_MOD B2_KEY
modifier and key for the middle (second) mouse button
.B -right B3_MOD B3_KEY
modifier and key for the right(third) mouse button
.B -scroll SCROLL_MOD
modifier for the scrolling function
.B -typing-block DELAY
Blocking time while typeing on the keyboard in milliseconds.
.B -device UINPUT
device node for the uinput device
.B -nofork
don't run in the background
Mouseemu was written by  Colin Leroy 
\. This manpage was originally written by Gaudenz Steinlin
for the Debian Project, but may be used by others under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.

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