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exim4 templates (hopefully last time pre-sarge.)

I had to make another round of changes and I would like you to
doublecheck them before I pester my translators. Thanks in advance.

Template: exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype
Type: select
# Translators beware! the following six strings form a single
# Choices menu. - Every one of these strings has to fit in a standard
# 80 characters console, as the fancy screen setup takes up some space
# try to keep below ~72 characters.
__Choices: internet site; mail is sent and received directly using SMTP, mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail, mail sent by smarthost; no local mail, local delivery only; not on a network, manually convert from handcrafted Exim v3 configuration, no configuration at this time
_Description: General type of mail configuration:
 Select the configuration type that best meets your needs.
 Systems with dynamic IP addresses, including dialup systems, probably should
 be configured to send outgoing mail to another machine, called a "smart host"
 for delivery. You can choose to receive mail on such a system; or to have no
 local mail delivery, except mail for root and postmaster.

Template: exim4/mailname
Type: string
_Description: System mail name:
 Your "mail name" is the hostname portion of the address to be shown on
 outgoing news and mail messages (following the username and @ sign) unless
 hidden with rewriting.
 This name will be used by other programs besides Exim; it should be the
 single, full domain name (FQDN) from which mail will appear to originate.
 This name won't appear on From: lines of outgoing mails if you enable

Template: exim4/hide_mailname
Type: boolean
_Description: Hide local mailname in outgoing mail?
 The headers of outgoing mail can be rewritten to make it appear to have been
 generated on a different system, replacing \"${mailname}\" \"localhost\"
 and \"${dc_other_hostnames}\" in From, Reply-To, Sender and Return-Path.

Template: exim4/dc_readhost
Type: string
_Description: Visible domain name for local users:
 Since you enabled hiding the local mailname in outgoing mail, you must
 specify the domain name to use for mail from local users; typically this is
 the machine on which you normally receive your mail.
 Where will your users read their mail?
          thanks, cu andreas
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