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Re: exim4 template check.

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 14:41, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> On Apr 16, 2004, at 09:15, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> >
> >  If you leave this value empty to disable mail redirection, it will be 
> > saved
> >  to /var/mail/mail, which is not recommended.
> Errrm, I don't think the antecedent is supposed to be buried like that; 
> "it" seems to refer to "this value" on first reading.

Indeed. It might just be because it's Friday, but I initially tried to
parse `it' as `mail redirection', which confused me no end.

> Maybe just "If you leave this value empty, this mail will be saved in 
> /var/mail/mail, which is not recommended"

`such mail'?

> "Though not recommended, an empty value will disable mail redirection. 
> This mail will be saved in /var/mail/mail."

s/This/In this case,/ perhaps?

> >  Note that postmaster-mail should usually be read on the system to 
> > which it
> "postmaster-mail"? Maybe "the postmaster's mail"?

I'd prefer `mail for postmaster', or `postmaster's mail' - I can't quite
put my finger on why, but the article in the second suggestion doesn't
quite sound right imho.

Even `postmaster mail' might work; definitely shouldn't be hyphenated
though - it's clearly two words.

> Strike "usually". Or maybe "generally" instead.
> [I'd take "usually" would mean that the postmaster would read his mail 
> on the machine most of the time, but forwards it on Tuesdays. I'd take 
> "generally" to mean that in most setups, the postmaster always reads 
> mail on the machine, but some weird setups may require forwarding.]

Agreed. `Generally' works for me.

> [cc'd by Andreas Metzler's request]


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