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Re: exim4 template check.

On Apr 16, 2004, at 09:15, Andreas Metzler wrote:

If you leave this value empty to disable mail redirection, it will be saved
 to /var/mail/mail, which is not recommended.

Errrm, I don't think the antecedent is supposed to be buried like that; "it" seems to refer to "this value" on first reading.

Maybe just "If you leave this value empty, this mail will be saved in /var/mail/mail, which is not recommended"

"Though not recommended, an empty value will disable mail redirection. This mail will be saved in /var/mail/mail."

Note that postmaster-mail should usually be read on the system to which it

"postmaster-mail"? Maybe "the postmaster's mail"?

Strike "usually". Or maybe "generally" instead.

[I'd take "usually" would mean that the postmaster would read his mail on the machine most of the time, but forwards it on Tuesdays. I'd take "generally" to mean that in most setups, the postmaster always reads mail on the machine, but some weird setups may require forwarding.]

_Description: System mail name:
 Your "mail name" is the hostname portion of the address to be shown on
 outgoing news and mail messages (following the username and @ sign).
This name will be used by other programs besides Exim; it should be the single, full domain name (FQDN) from which mail will appear to originate.
If you are configuring this system without local mail delivery this name
 won't appear on From: lines of mail, as rewriting is used.

This last paragraph needs some clarification. The description just said that the mail name is what is on the From: line (and other places, I assume), but then the last paragraph just said "well, sometimes it isn't".

If you are using re-writing, what should the mail name be set to?

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