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Re: Review courier-base templates

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 23:50:19 +0100, Stefan Hornburg <deblists@linuxia.de>
posted to debian-l10n-english:
 > era+debian@iki.fi wrote:
 >> To control and administer the Courier configuration through the
 >> web-based administration frontend provided by the courier-webadmin
 >> package, the directory and files need to be readable and writable by
 >> the user ${courieruser}.
 > That is better. I used "the directories" because there are subdirectories
 > below /etc/courier.

Oh, sure. I was going to ask about that but I forgot.

 > _Description: Path to user's Maildir directory
 >  This is a relative path name from each user's home directory to the
 >  Maildir directory where the Courier servers store and access the
 >  user's email. Please read the maildir(5) manual page if you are
 >  unacquainted with Maildir's.

I'd use "unfamiliar" instead of "unacquainted". Also "Maildir's" is
weird; the apostrophe is certainly wrong, and I would probably use
lowercase too. But how about just rewriting it a bit:

 Please refer to the maildir(5) manual page if you are unfamiliar with
 the mail storage format used by Courier.

Incidentally, packages.debian.org only returns one match when I search
for maildir.5.gz -- in manpages-pl. I would have expected clashes.

 > Yes, indeed. Thank you very much for your help.

You're most welcome.

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