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Review courier-base templates


please review the following debconf templates. Any comment/suggestion will 
be appreciated.


Template: courier-base/webadmin-configmode
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Courier configuration and web-based administration
 Courier uses several configuration files which are located in
 /etc/courier. Some configuration files can be replaced by a subdirectory 
 where all files insides this directory are concatenated and considered 
 to be a single, consolidated, configuration file.
 To control and administer the Courier configuration 
 through the web-based administration frontend provided by the 
 courier-webadmin package, these files resp. directories needs to be readable and
 writable by the user ${courieruser}. 
 Furthermore, the frontend relies on configuration directories instead of 
 configuration files. If you agree, any directories needed for the web-based
 administration tool will be created unless there is already a
 plain file in place.
 Should the Courier packages change the file ownership, permissions and
 create directories to accomodate the web-based administration frontend ?

Template: courier-base/suitenotice
Type: note
_Description: Packaging of Courier has been completely revised
 Formerly the courier-imap package(s) are generated from the separately
 distributed Courier IMAP sources. From now on the whole Courier suite gets
 packaged for Debian. So the infrastructure has changed a lot, e.g. all
 configuration files have been moved to /etc/courier.
 Please tell the maintainer about your experiences with the new

Template: courier-base/authnotice
Type: note
_Description: Authentification method "authdaemon" is mandatory now
 In your configuration file ${conffile} AUTHMODULES is set to 
 "${authmodules}". This will no longer work as authdaemon is
 the only available authentication method for Courier Debian packages
 version 0.35 and above.
 Please fix your configuration file, otherwise your setup will no longer

Template: courier-base/maildir
Type: string
Default: Maildir
_Description: Which is the directory name of the user's maildir ?
 You change the setting for the directory name in the user's home directory
 where the Courier POP and IMAP servers locate the user's maildir.

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