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Re: Package description review

On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 10:52:50AM +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Package: wmcoincoin
> Description: Funny dockapp for browsing DaCode sites news and board

Funny in what sense? In English, funny can mean humourous but also
odd or strange. I assume you mean humour, but I'd suggest dropping it
and let the user decide. Or say humourous instead of funny. The
Americans might prefer humorous. (I think they'd be wrong ;-)
Alternatively, 'amusing'.

'browsing sites news and board'? It seems like there's a missing word or
so here. Is it "DaCode sites, news and boards"? Or "DaCode sites' news and 
boards"? I'm not sure.

How about
Description: Humourous dockapp for browsing DaCode sites' news

>  WMCoinCoin (pronounce WMQuackQuack) allows you to browse linuxfr.org,

English users just won't be able to follow CoinCoin -> Quack Quack.

>  and any other site based on DaCode 1.4, Templeet and many other board
>  engines. It handles:

Don't use commas before "and". So you want "linuxfr.org and other
sites based on DaCode 1.4, Templeet and many other board engines."

>   * the website news scrolling, warning of new ones, and with an ability
>     to display them in a window;
>   * the private messages, bringing to the appropriate webpage when you
>     receive new ones;
>   * tabbed browsing of multiple sites;
>   * the board, with ability to view the contents and post messages,
>     featuring advanced functions designed to detect, enhance or kill
>     the trolls.

I suggest:

It will:
* display website news with new items displayed prominently
[is that correct? I don't really understand what the program does here]
* display private messages, showing the appropriate web page when
  new messages are received;
* allow tabbed browsing of multiple sites;
* display the board and allow new messages to be posted,
  with the ability to detect, enhance or kill trolls
[what is the board anyway?]
[what are trolls - the regular Usenet kind?]

>  .
>  WMCoinCoin, while being full of stupid things, is a real advanced
>  chatting client, working all over HTTP, with a low bandwidth
>  consumption.

"with low bandwidth requirements" would be better.
"working all over HTTP" doesn't really fit, if you really want to keep
it please try "using HTTP".

>  URL: http://hules.free.fr/wmcoincoin/ (French)
>       http://sourceforge.net/projects/dacode/

We don't usually include URLs in descriptions.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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