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Package description review

Hi list,

before I make a new upload for this package, I would like some comments
on the description.

Package: wmcoincoin
Description: Funny dockapp for browsing DaCode sites news and board
 WMCoinCoin (pronounce WMQuackQuack) allows you to browse linuxfr.org,
 and any other site based on DaCode 1.4, Templeet and many other board
 engines. It handles:
  * the website news scrolling, warning of new ones, and with an ability
    to display them in a window;
  * the private messages, bringing to the appropriate webpage when you
    receive new ones;
  * tabbed browsing of multiple sites;
  * the board, with ability to view the contents and post messages,
    featuring advanced functions designed to detect, enhance or kill
    the trolls.
 WMCoinCoin, while being full of stupid things, is a real advanced
 chatting client, working all over HTTP, with a low bandwidth
 URL: http://hules.free.fr/wmcoincoin/ (French)

 .''`.           Josselin Mouette        /\./\
: :' :           josselin.mouette@ens-lyon.org
`. `'                        joss@debian.org
  `-  Debian GNU/Linux -- The power of freedom

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