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Re: Debian flyers - translating Debian Social Contract in dutch

Mon, 18 Nov 2019 08:58:27 +0100
Luc Castermans <luc.castermans@gmail.com> écrivait :

Hi Luc, hi Joost,

> thx Joost,
> I did a quick read on the page: the style of the Dutch actually needs quite
> some improvements!

Please, Luc, keep me posted when the text is okay and proofread.

> Luc

And about Joost's remark copying existing translations into the debian-flyers git repo, Debian flyers are valuable material when promoting Debian (I used it in a presentation in Brussels some weeks ago).

So, I think it should be kept in this repo.


Jean-Marc <jean-marc@6jf.be>

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