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Re: (forw) Status of po-debconf translations for language nl

> I think the only thing we need is a dl10n-html utility that spits out
> .html instead of .txt. Christian do you know if somebody is working on
> that? Can you also add me (tdykstra-guest) to the project, I want to get
> working on it again.

I'm not sure that someone is working on dl10n-html. Indeed, yesterday
evening, when looking at all this, I had the exact same question..:-)

Even though I'm admin of this alioth project, it is more handled by
Martin Quinson and Nicolas Bertolissio, IIRC.....

I had some look to it because Martin and I were having some
discussions by mail. He is currently still busy with real life so not
really available for development and even discussion.

Martin would also like to setup new status pages with dl10n, by the way....

Of course, I can add you to the project. We should probably also setup
a mailing list for it. And try to have all this make a new step

Bringing more people from other translation teams (es, ca, pl, ru, ja,
de...) would be nice also.

Nice subject for next debconf indeed...:)

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