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Re: console-data mini.iso test

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
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> Hi,
> Just finished my tests with the mini.iso. New version looks great!
> Just looked through the original changes again...
> Have the new keymaps been tested by people who have the actual keyboards? 
> I mean Greek (marcos?), Arabic and Persian.

Greek has been tested, according to Kostas.

Arabic and Persian, no. But they aren't in the udebs for that
reason. I've put them in just for getting some people have a chance to
test it....It's not likely to break things, just maybe don't work.

> Also I guess the change to mac-linux-keys-bare should be tested by someone 
> (svenl?).

Yep, but it needs an ISO image for PPC to be build....so we'd better
upload and ask him to test the daily builds.

> Minor thing is that I stupidly missed two more fairly stupid mistakes in 
> the Dutch translation:
> AT:  Russich (ru)             --> Russisch (ru)
> USB: Amerikaans Engelse [...] --> Amerikaans Engels [...]
> But I guess that's for the original translator and the next version.

Well, no, I can still rebuild the package today. About Dutch
translations, I have another concern. Some are very long (the USB
ones) as they always mention "usb-toetsenbord". This is IMHO useles as
these USB keyboards are always shown in a context where the user
*knows* he's using a USB keyboard..:-)

As a consequence of these very long translations, some are cut down.

I hereby propose removing "usb-toetsenbord" everywhere it appears in
the Dutch translation.

Then we're still left with "Engels met minimale vingerbeweging Macintosch (mac-usb-
dvorak)" which is still too long.

See attached proposed nl.po file.

Please answer quickly as I intend to upload with it *today*.

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