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Re: Bug#270809: (forw) Bug#270809: broken commandline-editing, base-config.udeb, select modules

> | Anyway, hope this will help you in maintaining the Dutch
> | translation. The reference to the translation being "too polite" or
> | not enough vlaams (should this mean that vlaams is rude...?) sounded
> | very funny to me.
> No, he thinks the translation is Flemish (because of selecting Belgium) ...

Well, no offense intended, but according to ISO 639, Flemish doesn't exist..:-)

On the other hand, let's just troll hugely, Walloon exists..

http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/faq.html for details about why a
language is or is not defined in this standard

According to it also:

A dialect of a language is usually represented by the same language
code as that used for the language. If the language is assigned to a
collective language code, the dialect is assigned to the same
collective language code. Generally, dialects are not given different
codes, but determining the difference between dialects and languages
will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Looks like Walloon people about been more noisy than Flemish people
which is quite unusual (two trolls in one mail.....wow)

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