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(forw) Bug#270809: broken commandline-editing, base-config.udeb, select modules

Guys and girls,

http://bugs.debian.org/270809 (a d-i installation report) seems to
contain a lot of suggestions for the Dutch translation of the Debian

This mail just as a reminder in case Frans or Bart have missed this
installation report.

The report is not really easy to read. We probably need buying the
reporter a working Shift key (some people seem to think writing
without caps is very geeky or 3l00t.....I personnly tend to think this
is just crap and childish...:-)))

Anyway, hope this will help you in maintaining the Dutch
translation. The reference to the translation being "too polite" or
not enough vlaams (should this mean that vlaams is rude...?) sounded
very funny to me.

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