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Re: Bug#754131: [INTL:da] Danish translation of apt-listbugs

On Tue, 8 Jul 2014 07:18:06 +0100 Joe Dalton wrote:

> oh there is, the English word translates to tilstande in Danish.


> My mistake and thanks for catching it.

Well, actually it was not your mistake: an old version of apt-listbugs
used to have "stats" as a misleading abbreviation for "states".
Since "stats" is usually taken as an abbreviation for the English word
"statistics", it should be no surprise that several translations picked
the local language word for "statistic(s)"...

Anyway, I have one (hopefully) last question for you.
Does the following reformatting of some translated strings cause any
trouble? The complete resulting .po file is attached, in case you
prefer to look at the whole thing...

diff --git a/po/da.po b/po/da.po
index f5af1bc..1ae0de1 100644
--- a/po/da.po
+++ b/po/da.po
@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ msgid ""
 "                    [%s].\n"
 msgstr ""
 " -s <alvorlighed> : Filtrer fejlrapporter efter alvorlighedsgrad, du ønsker "
-"at se\n"
-"                    (eller »all«) [%s].\n"
+"                    se (eller »all«) [%s].\n"

 #: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:55
 msgid " -T <tags>        : Filter bugs by tags you want to see.\n"
@@ -121,8 +121,9 @@ msgid ""
 " -S <states>      : Filter bugs by pending-state categories you want to see\n"
 "                    [%s].\n"
 msgstr ""
-" -S <tilstande>   : Filtrer fejlrapporter efter »pending-state«-kategorier,\n"
-"                    du ønsker at se [%s].\n"
+" -S <tilstande>   : Filtrer fejlrapporter efter »pending-state«-kategorier, "
+"                    ønsker at se [%s].\n"

 #: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:57
 msgid ""
@@ -138,7 +139,8 @@ msgstr " -D               : Vis også nedgraderede pakker.\n"
 #: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:59
 msgid " -H <hostname>    : Hostname of Debian Bug Tracking System [%s].\n"
 msgstr ""
-" -H <værtsnavn>   : Værtsnavn på Debians fejlrapporteringssystem [%s].\n"
+" -H <værtsnavn>   : Værtsnavn på Debians fejlrapporteringssystem\n"
+"                    [%s].\n"

 #: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:60
 msgid " -p <port>        : Port number of the server [%s].\n"

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