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Re: convert webwml files to UTF-8 encoding?

在 2016年11月17日星期四 CST 上午10:58:32,Anthony Wong 写道:
> Thanks for looking at that, I have committed the first three files. For
> those files under chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc, as mentioned in
> the README file, are for translation of DDP, and indeed need some clean up.
> The whole Chinese translation actually needs people who can devote their
> precious time to look after, and we are in dire need of fresh blood.
> Boyuan, wanna join? :)

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for showing up :) I am willing to make contributions and improve the 
whole quality of translations and various localization material and documents 
in Debian. There are pretty much outdated texts and we can get them updated 
step by step.

As for the translations on the official website, It would be great if you could 
help commit updated files into the CVS repository.

I just joined the Chinese team on Alioth days before, maybe we could 
coordinate the work in the team as well as Chinese maillists.

Boyuan Yang

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