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Re: convert webwml files to UTF-8 encoding?

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 9:07 PM, Boyuan Yang <073plan@gmail.com> wrote:

在 2016年11月16日星期三 SGT 下午3:42:26,Paul Wise 写道:
> Hi all,
> I note that these files in the webwml CVS repository are not encoded in
> UTF-8. Could someone take a look at converting them to UTF-8?
> chinese/Chinese_terms.txt.gb
> chinese/Chinese_terms.txt
> chinese/international/Chinese/index.wml.before200006
> chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc/FAQ/isolatin.sty
> chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc/FAQ/basic_defs.sgml
> chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc/FAQ/hardware.sgml
> chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc/FAQ/nexttime.sgml
> chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc/FAQ/meta-questions.sgml

I converted some useful files into UTF-8 encoding and attached them in this

Everything in debian-doc directory hasn't been touched for nearly *20 years*.
They are totally useless now. Personally I would suggest to nuke them.

Please note that I am neither a DD nor a DM and I don't have the writing
permission to CVS repository. If you are in doubt, please try to get into
contact with any of the DDs inside the Chinese Team.

Boyuan Yang

Wow that really brings back memories.
Thanks for looking at that, I have committed the first three files. For those files under chinese/international/Chinese/debian-doc, as mentioned in the README file, are for translation of DDP, and indeed need some clean up.
The whole Chinese translation actually needs people who can devote their precious time to look after, and we are in dire need of fresh blood. Boyuan, wanna join? :)


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