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Re: Urgent update needed for the Catalan translation of kdebase templates

A Dijous 12 Abril 2007 12:04, Christian Perrier va escriure:
> In #412303, Jorda sent a Catalan translation for the kdebase debconf
> templates.
> However, these templates being similar (and some identical) to xdm
> templates, and both having been rewritten by the debian-l10n-english
> team, the catalan translation I used as a basis for the call for
> updates that followed the rewrite is based on the xdm templates.
> So it was sent to Ivan Vilata i Balaguer and not Jorda Polo....
> Unfortunately, today is the deadline and we have not received the
> update yet.
> Would *any* of you urgently update the attached file (should take a
> couple of seconds)?
Ok, done.


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