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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze - Call to update translations (deadline: Mar 18)

On Saturday 03 March 2007 22:11, Frans Pop wrote:
> So, a call for a final effort to update your translations of the manual
> for Etch. The deadline is *Sunday 18 March*.

Which means a bit more than a week to go.

Eight translations are now complete.

For the following I have not yet seen any updates:
- Catalan: 12 outdated, 1 missing
- Spanish: 14 outdated, 1 missing
- Greek (98%)
- Finnish (98%)
- Vietnamese (98%)

Some notes:
- Korean was updated but has 1 fuzzy left :-P
- Hungarian was updated, but there still are untranslated strings in the
  version for i386, so it is not yet acceptable!
  Note also that for the first release after Etch, Hungarian will have
  to be 100% translated, just like all other translations.


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