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Re: Tips for spotting typos in d-i translations

Hi Guillem

> We have already been using it for some time, maybe not as regularly as
> needed... 

that's nice! the fact is that I've been so bad keeping in touch with
people that I don't know who's using it and who's not (actually I
don't even know who's aware of it and who's not!), so I'm sort of
polling the various l10n teams. Looking at the statisics for Catalan
it's obvious that you're aware of it though...

> the problem is that you are using the aspell dictionary from
> gnu.org and not from Debian, so it does not match with what we are
> working on. ;>

The spellchecker is running on Alioth ATM: Alioth is base on Woody and
I had to backport aspell and all the dictionaries. I got in touch with the
admin of Costa (which is Sarge) because I want to move everything there asap.
It'll be MUCH easier for everybody to deal with things and it'll be possible
to use the BTS to keep track of bugs both for aspell and the dictionaries.

In the meanwhile I suggest to use your favourite version of aspell against
ca_all.txt (which you can download on the spellchecker page)

> Also it seems to not be able to recognize words with ??? and it splits
> them like ?instal?laci?? so it gets as ?insta? and ?laci??.

well, if this problem is still present with the current version of aspell-ca
(and you can verify it running Sarge's aspell against ca_all.txt) you could
file a bug about it.

> > In case you were interested in submitting a custom wordlist for your
> > language, please mail it directly to my address.
> Can we put it directly in the svn repo?

of course you're free to do that: I'll have to compile it "by hand" on Alioth
to actually use it: could you please notify me once you've commited it?

It should be named "ca_wl.txt" and encoded using iso8859-1; you can
test if it builds righ by running the following command

aspell --lang=ca create master ca_wl < ca_wl.txt



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