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Re: Tips for spotting typos in d-i translations

Hi Davide,

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 11:44:45AM +0200, zinosat@tiscali.it wrote:
> I set up a set of script which spellchecks automatically translations
> for the Debian Installer on a daily basis.
> More details can be read directly at:
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/spellcheck/

> ca_all.txt - contains all the Catalan strings extracted
> from the po files: aspell was run against this file, but you can use
> any spellchecker against this file to look for typos.
> ca_unkn_wl.txt - contains the list of words not contained in the Catalan
> aspell dictionary either becouse errors or because missing

We have already been using it for some time, maybe not as regularly as
needed... the problem is that you are using the aspell dictionary from
gnu.org and not from Debian, so it does not match with what we are
working on. ;>

Also it seems to not be able to recognize words with «·» and it splits
them like «instal·lació» so it gets as «insta» and «lació».

> ca_var.txt - contains the so called "suspect variables": a script compares
> variables ${LIKE_THIS} in the original msgid string and in the Catalan string
> and if it finds any incongruences, theyre logged in the ca_var.txt file
> If we take as an example ca_var.txt for level2, I notice that the variable
> \"${dc_other_hostnames}\"
> in the original string became
> «{dc_other_hostnames}»  (without "$")

That's new! We'll fix this, thanks!

> Could you please take a look and eventually fix what is wrong (possibly on
> all levels)?


> In case you were interested in submitting a custom wordlist for your
> language, please mail it directly to my address.

Can we put it directly in the svn repo?


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