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Re: Translation status for debian-installer

Quoting Jordi Mallach (jordi@debian.org):

> As I told you on IRC, my main problem with this translation is merging
> back the "full .po" to the individual modules. What are people currently
> doing? It's quite painful to do it manually, I spend more time writing
> changelogs than actually translating. This makes me enter a loop: I
> sometimes have stuff translated, and never get to commit it, and the
> next time I update all my stuff has been fuzzied to hell. Tips on this
> welcome.


Anyway, if you lack time, Jordi, which I may perfectly understand,
feel free to send me the brute data. I'll manage to commit this on
behalf of the catalan team. I already did so for some other languages.

So, if you have a full ca.po file, then just send it to me. I'll make
the merge myself and then commit, and write changelogs...

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