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Re: Translation status for debian-installer

Hi Christian, hola gent ;)

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 08:26:19PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hola/günaydin to all -l10n-turkish and -l10n-catalan contributors,
> As most of you have probably read already, debian-installer beta-2 is
> now out.
> Unfortunately, in your languages, the translation status of d-i
> packages is quite low, though far from zero. 
> I, however, heard news from you both teams (directly from Jordi for
> catalan and indirectly for turkish) showing that some interest exist
> in both teams for having the final release of Debian Instalelr fully
> translated to your languages.

As I told you on IRC, my main problem with this translation is merging
back the "full .po" to the individual modules. What are people currently
doing? It's quite painful to do it manually, I spend more time writing
changelogs than actually translating. This makes me enter a loop: I
sometimes have stuff translated, and never get to commit it, and the
next time I update all my stuff has been fuzzied to hell. Tips on this

For the Catalan team: no us preocupeu, la traducció no és massa gran i
en un parell de dies la puc tindre acabada, el problema és el que
planteje ací dalt.

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