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Translation status for debian-installer

(please keep me cc'ed to answers)

Hola/günaydin to all -l10n-turkish and -l10n-catalan contributors,

As most of you have probably read already, debian-installer beta-2 is
now out.

Unfortunately, in your languages, the translation status of d-i
packages is quite low, though far from zero. 

This means that you both teams, or some individuals, have started a
work on Debian Installer translation, but this work is currently

I, however, heard news from you both teams (directly from Jordi for
catalan and indirectly for turkish) showing that some interest exist
in both teams for having the final release of Debian Instalelr fully
translated to your languages.

Debian Installer is hosted on alioth.debian.org, so translators may
apply for a CVS account there and then request for commit rights in
the CVS tree for Debian Installer.

Instructions for translating are available at

I sincerely hope that some of you will be motivated for pushing hardly
your languages into the CVS and thus get d-i translated in your

Feel free to either contact me directly, or the debian-boot mailing
list, if you need further details.


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