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[INTL:ar] Arabic (ar) debconf template translation update Re: Bug#377427: menu: [INTL:ar] Arabic translation of sections Re: Bug#377530: iso-codes: [INTL:ar] Arabic iso-codes translation CVS-Arabeyes: apt_po.po aptitude_po.po console-common_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: apt_po.po debconf_po.po dictionaries-common_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: apt_po.po debconf_po.po discover1_po.po dpkg_po.po shadow_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: aptitude_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: aptitude_po.po console-common_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: base-config_debian_po.po base-config_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: debconf_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: debian-installer_packages_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: dictionaries-common_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: iso-codes_iso_3166.po CVS-Arabeyes: menu_po-sections.po menu_sections_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: menu_sections_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: popularity-contest_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: samba_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: shadow_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: tasksel_debian_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: tasksel_tasks_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: xorg-x11_po.po CVS-Arabeyes: xserver-xorg_po.po iso-codes: [INTL:ar] Arabic iso-codes translation RE: Job request menu: [INTL:ar] Arabic translation of sections UK Asia China Korea The last update was on 08:30 GMT Sun May 19. There are 34 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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