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Re: [TAF] po-debconf://{abook,alsa-driver,amavis-stats,analog,apache,apt-build,distcc,gallery,kdebase,lilo,lvm10,lvm2,mysql-dfsg,nethack,netkit-base,openoffice.org,openssh,phpbb2,phpmyadmin,phppgadmin,portmap,postfix,ppp,proftpd,quota,samba,setserial,slay,slrn,snort,spamassassin,ssl-cert,sympa,tetex-base,tetex-bin,ulogd,webmin,xawtv,xsmbrowser,zsh}/ar.po

> All these files are to be translated.

You guys rock.....

Actually, I'm deeply happy to have put the initial push on all that
work for Debian. Most of my job is now nearly over as adn has no
wtaken the lead (and did it damn well)....

adn, what would you think of giving Arabeyes more visibility in french
FOSS events?

I'm actually thinking about an Arabeyes booth at Solutions Linux.....I
guess Youcef Rabah would raise his hand as well.

France has, for obvious reasons, a very strong potential in Arabic
l10n work, as I have seen at last Solutions Linux event. Giving more
visibility to the current Arabic l10n projects would probably give yet
more push to all this effort.

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