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Re: [TAF] po-debconf://{abook,alsa-driver,amavis-stats,analog,apache,apt-build,distcc,gallery,kdebase,lilo,lvm10,lvm2,mysql-dfsg,nethack,netkit-base,openoffice.org,openssh,phpbb2,phpmyadmin,phppgadmin,portmap,postfix,ppp,proftpd,quota,samba,setserial,slay,slrn,snort,spamassassin,ssl-cert,sympa,tetex-base,tetex-bin,ulogd,webmin,xawtv,xsmbrowser,zsh}/ar.po

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'm actually thinking about an Arabeyes booth at Solutions Linux.....I
> guess Youcef Rabah would raise his hand as well.

I'm in, inshallah :)

But hopelessly, Youcef will be (already is?) in Canada.

> France has, for obvious reasons, a very strong potential in Arabic
> l10n work, as I have seen at last Solutions Linux event. Giving more
> visibility to the current Arabic l10n projects would probably give yet
> more push to all this effort.

I totally second you on that! And I asked jb (Julien Blache) to warn me
when he is subscribing for Debian's booth.

Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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