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Re: knoppix 8.1 doesn't start from memory stick

Hello Miguel,

Knoppix does not use an ext4 partition by default, so something may have
gone wrong when you copied (?) the ISO to flash disk. The first
partition should be FAT32, the second is Linux-reiserfs after

The file KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX is 4223364495 bytes, which is 4027MB, which is
3.93GB and thus well under the 4GB limit.

If your computer boots in "UEFI" mode, the usual boot messages are not
displayed after kernel is loaded until the graphics drivers are
activated, because the UEFI framebuffer simply does not support "text
mode". If you reconfigure your computers BIOS to boot in non-UEFI ("CSM
mode"), you will see the boot messages again. UEFI graphics/vesa mode
may also be a reason of graphics failing to initialize, though this
happens seldom. Also, a message asking for the optional encryption
password for your data overlay, will not be shown in UEFI mode (you can
still type the password, invisibly).

An indication that your computer boots in UEFI mode is the top part of
the boot message before the kernel is loaded. In this case, the boot
graphics penguin is also missing.

Hope this helps
-Klaus Knopper

On 20.11.17, M M wrote:
>    Hello all
>    I recently copied Knoppix 8.1 to flash, with partition overlay, running
>    from iso image. When I try to boot, kernel and initrd are loaded, but then
>    nothing happens. The only difference that I can see is that iso image is
>    in an ext4 partition, whereas the flash drive installation is on a fat32,
>    and I noticed KNOPPIX file is 4.2 Gb. Could this be the reason it doesn't
>    start? I'm using an Inspiron 5500 Dell laptop, and previously I was able
>    to boot using 7.7.1 using the same flash drive (sandisk), which was
>    reformatted by knoppix to flash.
>    Thanks
>    Miguel Moran

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