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Re: Xscreensaver


just for your information:

I installed ubuntu 14.10 a few hours ago and updated it. Then I installed the lxde-meta-package. Choosing lxde on login is showing me a message from xscreenserver 5.26 saying "This version is very old. Please upgrade".


Am 11.01.2015 um 15:10 schrieb Klaus Knopper:
Hello Jim,

On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 01:30:37PM -0600, Jim Pritchett wrote:
    Xscreensaver now pops up a message that says the version in Knoppix is
    "really old" and that I should upgrade to the newest version.

Oh no... This is annoying. I was not aware of xscreensaver containing
such a time-dependent message. :-(

I wonder if I should create a fork for xscreensaver with the message
removed. Since xscreensaver is not used for locking the screen in
Knoppix, there is not much of a security problem involved if it is NOT
regularly updated.

   Judging by
    some of the Xscreensaver notes about dependencies, I'm guessing that
    actually getting the newest version to work would be difficult with my
    limited knowledge.  Has anyone gotten a more recent version working with

apt-get install xscreensaver/testing should do the trick.

    Note:  the screensaver is sometimes fun, but doesn't really matter so it
    isn't worth anyone's time to mess with it.  I'm just curious if someone
    already has and if so, what they learned.

You can safely remove the package

apt-get --purge remove xscreensaver

However, in the (few) Knoppix versions that had no screen saver other
than the "display poweroff" builtin in Xorg, users were telling me that
"nice screensavers and games" would be the most important thing for
Linux in order to be able to "compete", that's why I kept it in there.

    P.S.  My first computer was a brand new Apple II+ with a whopping 48
    kilobytes of RAM.  Many said "More RAM than anyone could ever need."
    LOL.  That is one of several old computer system things that the
    screensaver does.  I also remember when Pong was new and too expensive for
    regular folks to own.  I also remember getting Abend errors at work.

FYI: xscreensaver consumes about 4.7 Megs of RAM when inactive, and
around 25MB when a OpenGL plugin is running.


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