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Re: USB install with portability, persistence, and Xen with a GUI

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 04:47:04PM -0600, Dorko Superior wrote:
> Klaus & Milan,
> Thank you for correcting me about the way that the layered file system
> works. I am still curious about why the layered filesystem is being
> used with external hard drives. I understand that the layered
> filesystem is useful for single or multisession CD/DVD installations
> and for the preservation of flash memory.

Reading the unchanged OS data in compressed & read-only form is also
faster and more space-efficient on harddisk the same way it is on CD or
flash. But you can also unpack the compressed image by calling the
knoppix installer "0wn", and the result will look (almost) like a common
Debian installation. Kernel and system-startup will still be different,

> Can we put a swap partition and a regular ext3, reiser(, or other)
> filesystem on the external storage?

This would be the "install knoppix on harddisk" option, instead of

It creates swap and at least one reiserfs partition.

To answer the next upcoming question already ("why reiserfs?"): I use
this because it automatically repairs itself during mount in case of a
previous crash, which may be less confusing and time-consuming for
beginners than a file system check in ext3.

> I have created a website to organize our thoughts about this.
> https://sites.google.com/site/theppkvmproject/home
> I hope that this isn't annoying.

Not at all, it's always nice to know someone is experimenting with
Knoppix as a base platform for realizing an idea. :-)


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