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gconf-editor had no effect

Dear Klaus,

> This is a phenomenon that I partly understand after investigating
> different window managers.
> It looks like the "virtual desktop" concept differs between gnome, gtk,
> kde and lxde.  The "right place" for gtk-based desktops is the gconf
> desktop setting (which will most likely "unlock" compiz desktop
> setting). Note that the different sides of the compiz cube do NOT coult
> as "virtual desktops", but rather as "virtual views" of the same
> desktop, which is named "virtual horizontal size" in the case of the
> cubed desktop. So, if you want to increase the number of surfaces to
> place program windows on, then you would inrease the "virtual horizontal
> size", rather than the "number of desktops" in ccsm.
> For the "virtual desktops" setting, which does not seem to work well
> with compiz+lxpanel, you would start gconf-editor, and change
> /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/number_of_workspaces .

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, but CompizConfig is still locked at "1"
desktop.  I tried init 2, init 5, verified number_of_workspaces was still
set at 4 (using gconf-editor again), and CompizConfig is still stuck.

I just want the task bar to show only windows from the current
"Workspace."  Whether these are desktops or viewports on one desktop
doesn't really matter.  The task bar becomes useless when it is filled
with tiny buttons.

I there anything else I can try before resorting to "no3d"?


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