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Re: Task bar problem update (I still need help!)

Hello Andrew,

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 02:51:28PM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> It turns out that the reason the lxpanel task bar *always* shows windows
> from all workspaces is because there is only one desktop!
> I tried increasing this number with
> CompizConfig Settings Manager > General Options > Desktop Size > Number of
> Desktops
> but "Number of Desktops" is stuck at "1".
> How can I get this unstuck?

This is a phenomenon that I partly understand after investigating
different window managers.

It looks like the "virtual desktop" concept differs between gnome, gtk,
kde and lxde.  The "right place" for gtk-based desktops is the gconf
desktop setting (which will most likely "unlock" compiz desktop
setting). Note that the different sides of the compiz cube do NOT coult
as "virtual desktops", but rather as "virtual views" of the same
desktop, which is named "virtual horizontal size" in the case of the
cubed desktop. So, if you want to increase the number of surfaces to
place program windows on, then you would inrease the "virtual horizontal
size", rather than the "number of desktops" in ccsm.

For the "virtual desktops" setting, which does not seem to work well
with compiz+lxpanel, you would start gconf-editor, and change
/desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/number_of_workspaces .


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