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Re: Please, help Linus install Debian!


Gilles Pelletier a écrit :
> So, it seems Linus  has the same problem as me(1): I'm sure he could 
> install Debian, but he just doesn't want to get through the hassle. 
> As he explains, the idea behind a distro is easing things out.

I didn't test to install Debian for months (years ?),

It was not so hard to install but ... not so easy to use than KNOPPIX :)

I think KNOPPIX is the best way to test/install Debian :P

Linus should try installing KNOPPIX on HD, after some tricks It runs
like a charm.

I'm using KNOPPIX (on HD) for more than 4 years now, It took less than
10mn to delete/create/format partitions, launch/save/load config and
start installation.

Then you just have to go outside look at birds singing on the roofs :)

After some minutes : a Window died, a pinguin was born !

Maybe in France we could say:

"Le roi est mort ! Vive la république !" [1]

Long life to KNOPPIX and its contributors !!! :D

[1] « le Roi est mort, vive le Roi » before french revolution, meant
that monarchy was continuing between kings personality.


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