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Re: Will Knoppix remain relevant?

Le 9 Juillet 2007 02:29, vous avez écrit :

> But in original Knoppix the problem is the size of CD. I could
> remove all kde-i18n* packages (english stays as default) and add
> only kde-i18n-fi package.. That gives much additional space. Also
> using the best compression makes CD smaller. But if Klaus tries to
> add Totem with it's dependencies to Knoppix CD, it's almost
> impossible.

Most probably a MM edition would be needed.

> Would you (Gilles) want to try my new version
> <http://os.tonnikala.org/suomiknoppix/iso/SuomiKnoppix-CD-777.iso>
> (777 meanig date 20070707) and boot it in english? 

I'm not in such a rush. I"ll let your Finnish fellows try this one. As 
for myself, I'll wait for Knoppix 5.2, 5.3, 6, whatever :)


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