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Missing parameter in config file after remaster


After a Knoppix remaster, when I boot I get the "Missing parameter in config
file" error message, however everything seems to work fine. How do I get rid
of this error message or warning?

Here's more information:
I am in the process of remastering Knoppix, and I want to add another live-cd
project, name Project2. The idea is to type "knoppix" (or press enter) as
usual to start Knoppix, or "project2" to start the other live-cd.
Here's what I did :
1. Mount the project2 ISO file in a directory, and copy its content into my
master directory. Then I have a PROJECT2 directory alongside the KNOPPIX one.
2. copy the master/PROJECT2/boot/vmlinuz to
master/boot/isolinux/project2_vmlinuz. Same for initrd.gz
3. Add an entry in the isolinux.cfg file, with "LABEL project2", "KERNEL
project2_vmlinuz", etc.

Then I build my ISO, and test it in qemu.
I get the usual screen, with the logo.16 image, the prompt, and this message:
"Missing parameter in config file"
If I type "project2" then enter, the Project2 loads perfect.

Do you know how I can get rid of this message?

Kaella : http://kaella.linux-azur.org/ : Knoppix in French

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