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Re: Will Knoppix remain relevant?

Gilles Pelletier kirjoitti:
Is Knoppix so far behind? I don't believe so. All that would be needed is a commented link to debianmultimedia.org in /etc/apt/sources.list, explaining that, in some countries, the use of such packeages might be completely illegal. Checking with local authorities is advised. Includinfg Christian Marillat's key would certainly ease things. Etc. A few quick tricks would ease things off for newbies.
I agree that sources.list could be modified, e.g. this is what I have:
I have also Wine from Ubuntu (Feisty) <http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb> (winehq.list)

Using libdvdcss2 is illegal in many countries (not even Conrad Newton in Norway dares to add.it to his distro).
If the next version of Knoppix comes out without support for multimedia, it will be completely irrelevant, at least to most users who go to telesivion sites, youtube, newsgroups. even newspapers' sites, etc. It might still be relevant to developers, though, but it would be a different Knoppix.

Multimedia is important. Therefore I added e.g. Amarok to my Knoppix derivative called 'SuomiKnoppix' (meaning 'Finnish Knoppix')

But the real problem was to get some videos played. In Finland following links are very popular:

I had to add Totem to get those seen because mplayer-plugin for Iceweasel (mozilla-mplayer) don't work as intended.

But in original Knoppix the problem is the size of CD. I could remove all kde-i18n* packages (english stays as default) and add only kde-i18n-fi package.. That gives much additional space. Also using the best compression makes CD smaller. But if Klaus tries to add Totem with it's dependencies to Knoppix CD, it's almost impossible.
For now, I've been using Linux exclusively for almost six years and I put a lot of hope in this new 5.2 version. Summer 2007, we said? Ok.

I hope the next version would be 5.3! Yesterday there came new kernel 2.6.22 to kernel.org. Aufs is now much better than before (there's also patch for realtime preemption now, see my -rt patched kernel version for Knoppix <http://linux.ilmainen.net/suomiknoppix/linux->).

I hope also there would be a real boot menu to make choicing boot options easier (I use grub-gfxboot myself).

The best thing in Knoppix is that it is easy to remaster. So you Gilles can make such a CD to your friends that is suited for your taste (with all flavours you want). But in a worldwide distribution (as original Knoppix) you can't use e.g. libdvdcss2 at this time and perhaps never.

Would you (Gilles) want to try my new version <http://os.tonnikala.org/suomiknoppix/iso/SuomiKnoppix-CD-777.iso> (777 meanig date 20070707) and boot it in english? Perhaps it has everything you need, and you could give it to your friends that has used Windows before. There's also knoppix-remaster script in 'Finnish Knoppix' to make remastering easier :)

But if there would not be 'original Knoppix' there woul not be 'SuomiKnoppix' and many other distros. I and many others can remaster Knoppix but ther hardest work it to get it booted right, e.g. 'toram' and get cloop device to work with new kernels.

Best Regards


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