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Re: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1

If you want a clean smooth ready-for-the-desktop, system then try
Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva or even Lineo (formerly lindows).

I consider Knoppix to be a developer-oriented system. It's really
good, but it need tweaking for any specific purpose (and it's designed
to allow that tweaking).
Don't complain about a ferari because it's not a SUV, or an SUV
because it can't do 0-60 in 4.0.  reveiw things in the context for
which they were designed.

On 1/1/07, gilpel@altern.org <gilpel@altern.org> wrote:

I've been using Linux exclusively for the last 5 years and hoping that
Linux would make it for the last 10 years. But, no way, the
development model just doesn't work. I'm getting fed up too. I'll
check the next release of Debian and if I face the same damned
problems, I'll switched to Mac OS X. Then, there will be no coming
back. Linux's development for developers will be able to proceed
without ranters like me in a computer world where all the standards
will be set for proprietary software.

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