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Re: Θέμα: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1

Am Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2007 09:29 schrieb Manolis Mathioudakis:
>   The KDE menus. I can understand Klaus wanting to get rid of the debian
> menu. But the current solution is just a mess. Things get listed 2-3 times
> in the menus.

I have to agree here. I am the maintainer of Edutainment Knoppix, a Knoppix 
derivative for Swiss Schools
Webpage: http://campus.ph-solothurn.ch/ICT/LinuxInDerSchule
ISO: http://campus.ph.fhnw.ch/pub/ICT/LinuxInDerSchule/phso_20060506.iso
... and I really needed to put some work into cleaning up the menu. The menu 
on the Knoppix DVD is even a greater mess. I tested with normal users / 
students and they are just at a loss there.



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