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Re: Θέμα: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1

On 1/3/07, Manolis Mathioudakis <manmathiou@yahoo.gr> wrote:

Comments on 5.1
 Two things I hate about 5.1
The background is ugly. :-)
The KDE menus. I can understand Klaus wanting to get rid of the debian menu.
But the current solution is just a mess. Things get listed 2-3 times in the

I must say that I expected a lot more from 5.1.
Things that are good :
beryl is there. Aufs is there. And ntfs-g3 is there. And knoppix seems a lot
faster (no technical background to back this up)
Things I was expecting:
A grub bootup method. Like kanotix, ubuntu, morphix etc do. It would be nice
to have grub as default and drop to command line with an option
Splashy at bootup
A new installer. Is this on the CD a new one ? I can't tell. Will we have a
new one  ?

There is always the bandwidth issue Klaus is having. Is this a technical
reason for that. (no adsl at knopper's area) or just a matter of opinion?
How could it be solved?
I must say that knoppix is my no1 favorite livecd by far but as shown by the
stats on distrowatch knoppix has from no7 in 2005 dropped down to 11. This
has to do  more with the "inhouse" development knoppix has changed to and
the new versions coming out 1-2 times a year
Couldn't we "open" the development of knoppix a bit?
If bandwidth is no problem I suppose a lot of ppl will be willing to help
betatesting or submitting patches.
For patches one would need the soure code I guess. If bandwith is still an
issue, or even if it was solved. Why don't you put the source code on the
DVD in a folder outside the KNOPPIX image in (eg. knoppix-dev folder) . By
source code I mean only the knoppix specific ones ( one could still ask
Klaus for the full source code if he wants) this way ppl could easily look
at knoppix code and find bugs or suggest improvements

And one last question
What will be different in 5.1.1? Only the kicker bug?
If so I would stay with 5.1 as downloading 4GB is not that easy.
What was the problem that caused the kicker bug? Can I apply it and save the
settings ?

My  2c

If Klaus says ntfs-3g is up to 600 times faster in 5.1.1 or whatever
it will be dubbed... I would consider it a worthwhile download.
Bittorrent is also an option. The kicker bug is just
unacceptable as it is... imho.

I'll quote Klaus from another thread:
"Also, there is a new and "up to 600 times faster" ntfs-3g version
available, new firefox, pardon, iceweasel. Also, kaffeine should be the
default multimedia player until mplayer catches up in Debian/unstable."


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