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Re: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1 [fonts & graphics]

Le 2 Janvier 2007 16:28, Klaus Knopper a écrit :

> On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 02:21:12PM -0500, gilpel@altern.org wrote:
> > Le 2 Janvier 2007 05:54, vous avez écrit :
> > > Am Montag, 01. Januar 2007 21:14 schrieb gilpel@altern.org:
> > > > This time, the background is plain ugly, which is quite
> > > > unusual.
> > >
> > > Besides the somewhat cheerless background picture I also find
> > > the fonts used for the desktop icons and the start menu not
> > > very nice.
> >
> > I haven't rebooted to check this more closely but they seemed all
> > right to me.
> What exactly is the problem with the fonts?

Note: This question is for Ronny Standtke <Ronny.Standtke@gmx.net>. 
I wrote that the fonts seem all right to me. As you read this, it's 
going to be 3 days that Distrowatch announced th enew release and 
tens of tereabytes will hav ebeen downloaded from the mirrors. The 
the DVDs, it goes real fast. So I wonder how the mirror 
administrators will feel about having a new release to correct one 

Why not write a KNOWN_ISSUES_WITH_KNOPPIX_5.1, give the temporary 
solutions to the kicker, explain what's to come in a month or two and 
let the people figure if they want to download now or later.

Bandwidth cost nothing to you and me, but it does cost something to 

> > As for the background, if it ever happens again that no artist is
> > available to make one, I could ask somedody at photo.net to
> > provide one. I'm sure many would be glad to contribute.
> Well, I guess, maybe you've had to be there to like the "rough"
> landscape...

I suppose...

> In fact I DID also get some (so far, a majority of) positive
> feedback about having an entirely "non-technical", and real,
> background picure this time.

Technical was OK to me, but non-technical would be OK too. How about 
the following pictures in the right formats:


There are really nice pictures available at photo.net. Whether the 
authors will agree with the license is another matter, but I can 

I understand the last photo is vertical rather than horizontal, but 
adding extra space is real easy in this case.

Before I finish, I would like to voice my concern about this idea of 
uploading the a new release with the kicker bug fixed.

First as you've said, geek don't often don't notice because they use 
the keyboard and, anyway, they'd know their way out. Newbies often 
don't work with multiple desktops.

I undertand you're feeling uneasy about this bug, but what do you 
want, as you explained, these things happen. OTOH, as you read this, 
the 5.1 release will have been advertised on Distrowatch for 4 days. 
When I tried the Kaiserlautern U. mirror on the 30th, I downloaded at 
7 KB/sec. At the present time, it's 26.59 KB/sec.

A little note entitled KNOPPIX_5.1_KNOWN_ISSUES in the download 
directory and sent to Distrowatch and the different Knoppix sites 
would ease the things down for now. Many people would decide to wait 
for the next release as they understand how to fix the kicker 
problem. Otherwise, many people will decide to download the new fix 
even if they haven't use multiple desktops once in their life, just 
to say they have the latest and greatest.

We don't pay for all those terabytes -- with DVDs, it goes real fast! 
-- but somewhere somebody pays. Maybe it's better not to provide them 
a good reason to get upset.

I might be wrong, but that's how I see things now.



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