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Re: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1 [fonts & graphics]

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 02:21:12PM -0500, gilpel@altern.org wrote:
> Le 2 Janvier 2007 05:54, vous avez écrit :
> > Am Montag, 01. Januar 2007 21:14 schrieb gilpel@altern.org:
> > > This time, the background is plain ugly, which is quite unusual.
> >
> > Besides the somewhat cheerless background picture I also find the
> > fonts used for the desktop icons and the start menu not very nice.
> I haven't rebooted to check this more closely but they seemed all 
> right to me.

What exactly is the problem with the fonts?

For the Desktop, in my way of thinking, you need fonts that are easily
readable and SHARP, o.e. no blurred antialiasing on small displays.
Besides, the 1-bit fonts are, on slow machines, about 100 times faster
in rendering. You do want to see the menus after an appropriate time
when clicking on them, don't you? ;-)

For some other applications (like OpenOffice), truetype fonts are
default. If you are seriously working with openoffice, your font
rendering engine is most likely fast enough for them.

We had that discussion before and yes, I know, there are patents that
require to switch off the code interpreter for truetype unless you pay
some kind of license fee to some kind pf proprietary company. I know,
most people prefer antialiased fonts anyways, when they are used to them
on other operating systems.

But then, this is kind of the default choice that I would like to keep
deciding for myself. You can change it in your individual setup, of
course, and save your preferences to the persistent image.

> As for the background, if it ever happens again that no artist is 
> available to make one, I could ask somedody at photo.net to provide 
> one. I'm sure many would be glad to contribute. 

Well, I guess, maybe you've had to be there to like the "rough"

In fact I DID also get some (so far, a majority of) positive feedback
about having an entirely "non-technical", and real, background picure
this time.

And the picture is guaranteed to be royalty-free and 100% genuine with
no digital postprocessing other than the (hidden) writing on the bottom
that explains where you get that view. Ok, there are no penguins (it's
nearby the other pole). ;-)

> Of course, I would need the specs of the photos needed, definition, 
> maximum KB, rights on the picture, etc.

The specs are still there, I had posted them before.

With kind regards
-Klaus Knopper

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