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Re: ISO Master

See my point of my email of a few minutes ago: I could
install instantly ISO Master in my pivot_root install
of knoppix, like I have done with other software. It
is only matter of checking if I need it; I have to
look at.
francesco pietra

--- Andrew Smith <asmith15@learn.senecac.on.ca> wrote:

> Hello Knoppix Developers
> I am the developer of ISO Master ( 
> http://littlesvr.ca/isomaster/index.php ), an editor
> for ISO files.
> It's been in development for a year and a half and 6
> public releases 
> have been available for easy download since
> September 2006. I feel that 
> it's got to the point where it's stable and supports
> enough features to 
> be included in distributions. Also it's very small,
> less than 180K 
> including the icons and only depends on GTK.
> The current version (0.6) supports i18n and I
> already have 6 
> translations (including German) so 0.7 will be
> available in many languages.
> Are you interested in including it into Knoppix?
> There is already a 
> debian package maintainer (David Johnson) who's
> evaluating the 
> requirements of including a package into Ubuntu and
> Debian.
> I am a Knoppix fan of course :)
> Cheers
> Andrew
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